Cuevas del Almanzora Coastline




Also known as Palomares. It is a wide, open and fine sand beach. Its main feature is the leafy eucalyptus and pine forest that surrounds it.  It is a very accessible beach (ALP-118), popular with fishermen, and it has parking.  It offers many services, amongst them, a beach bar where you can taste the cuisine of this town. This beach has been awarded with BLUE FLAG.  




Playazo of Villaricos


Located at the entrance of the village, next to the tourist office and the castle. This cove has good disabled access, parking, abundant vegetation and is cleaned daily. It has dark sand and rocks a product of historical smelting scorias, reflecting the productive mining past of this enclave. Villaricos has one of the most attractive sea promenades on the Almería coastline and two marinas and scuba diving schools, amongst other tourist services. 


Luis Siret Beach


This cosy and calm waters cove is provided with disabled access for disabled people, parking and a sea promenade. It owes its name to the Belgian archaeologist who is the author of most of the archaeological excavations and discoveries in the municipality. This beach is located next to the fishing port of “La Balsica”. Here you can find a restaurant with the same name to get our strength back with typical Mediterranean tapas and food! 


Cala Verde (Green Cove)


Located next to the sea promenade of Villaricos, Cala Verde is home to rocks and natural reefs with calm water and dark ‘gravel’ from “La Carmelita” foundry. It is a perfect location to enjoy the centre of the village and this wonderful coastal enclave’s numerous restaurants and tourist services. From this beach we can contemplate the remains of the old mining bridge, popularly known as “The leg of the pier”.



Playa de los Dolores (Los Dolores Beach)


This beach is located at the foothills of Sierra Almagrera and  is more open than other beaches in the area. Its relatively calm waters lap onto a dark ‘gravel’ beach that has been formed by smelting scoria that came from the old mines. Easy access (ALP-118) and parking space. It is close to Villaricos, a village that offers many tourist equipment and services. The big slope of the coast ends here.


Cala Invencible (Unbeatable Cove)


A small cove formed by a wide and straight sandy strip of more than 300 metres, where the sandy corners alternate with rocks. It is located at the foothills of Sierra Almagrera, next to the old headquarters of the Civil Guard in Blanquizares, which offers an excellent viewpoint to contemplate the sea escarpments. It is a wild place where the bottoms of the cliffs are rich in reefs, and Posidonia oceanica meadows predominate. In the surroundings, we can find ruins of old mines such as chimneys or old piers that remind the visitor the mining past of this region.



Peñón Cortado


An unexplored and calm cove with an extraordinary natural and scenic beauty. To access to the cove, you have to go down 400 metres by an asphalted path which begins on the road (ALP-118) until reaching the viewpoint. Numerous reefs and abrasion platforms with sea bottoms rich in Posidonia oceanica emerge from the sea.  Hidden between steep and sheer cliffs, it is a calm cove because the rocks act as a natural barrier to the waves. In addition, it has areas of rock with natural shades of colour and, for this reason, it is maybe the most beautiful cove in this coastal area. Once you get there, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the coast of Cuevas del Almanzora.



El Calón


Urban and wide cove with a big parking area. This is a calm and peaceful place and most of its visitors are local families. Easy access (ALP-118).Rocks and a great variety of marine fauna can be seen at the bottom of this beach.



La Escribanía


Small, semi-urban cove with great attraction to visitors due to its white sand. It is located at the foothills of Sierra Almagrera. This is a peaceful place, ideal for lovers of little crowded beaches. Usually, the haunt of local tourists but at weekends in summer the influx of tourists is higher. The sea floor is rich in Posidonia oceanica and reefs that emerge from the water. Easy access (ALP-118) and parking. 



Cala Panizo (Maize Cove)


Stunning, semi-urban, familiar and sandy cove with calm waters, which has many reefs and rocky places. The beach colour stands out visually because it is similar to maize, hence its name. It offers many services and access by ALP-118. Another feature of this cove is the huge abrasion platforms that emerge from the sea, as well as its excellent sea floor which is rich in marine vegetation and kept in optimum conservation conditions.



Pozo del Esparto


In the village of Pozo del Esparto, next to the sea promenade, we find this beach with an area of almost 2 km. It is composed of a mixture of fine sand and gravel. It is a calm area, most of its visitors are families coming from this same municipality and visiting from cities such as Madrid and Murcia. Tourists can taste the typical fish and shellfish in the different restaurants and bars of this area. This beach has been awarded with BLUE FLAG. 










Cala de las Conchas (Shell Cove)


Small cove with shell shape and excellent environmental conditions; translucent waters and many natural areas. It is ideal to lose yourself min nature. From this cove one can admire, the impressive cliffs of Sierra Almagrera that go down to the sea, while there is also the remains of an old pier that played an important role in the area’s mining history.






Cala Cristal (Glass Cove)


This is a small, fine sandy beach with tranquil blue waters. It is located 100 metres from the road. From its viewpoint we can see the numerous rocks that emerge from water and the small sand bars. A great place to enjoy the peace and quiet. 



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