ajo colorao

Ajo Colorao

Ingredients for six servings:

• 2 kilos of potatoes.
• 8 red peppers (dry)
• Water
• Salt
• Ripe tomatoes
• Olive oil
• Garlic cloves
• Cumin
• Pieces of codfish


Boil the potatoes together with the big ripe tomatoes and the air-dried red peppers. Once all these ingredients are boiled, remove them from the heat and mash the potatoes with the tomatoes and the peppers.  Chop the garlic cloves, and add them together with cumin, salt, olive oil and peppers to the potatoes.Preparación:
migas de pan

Migas de Pan (Fried breadcrumbs)


Patatas Boca Abajo (Face down potatoes) 




Ingredients for six servings:

•    1 kilo of onions
•    2 or 3 pieces of codfish
•    1 kilo of potatoes
•    Olive oil
•    Vinegar 
•    Salt
•    Red peppers (dry)

Boil the codfish with onions and dried red peppers. When it is boiled, add the potatoes, saffron and salt. 


Potaje de Semana Santa (Holy Week Stew): 

Ingredients for six servings:

•    300g of chickpeas
•    ¾ kg of beans
•    9 dozen  snails
•    Onion
•    Tomato
•    Handful of paprika
•    ¾ kg of potatoes
•    4 hard-boiled eggs
•    ½ kg or 100 g of unsalted codfish, to taste 
•    2 sweet red pepper

Boil the chickpeas and the beans. The snails are boiled separately. Fry the onion in a hot pan with tomato and paprika. Add this sauté to the chickpeas and beans pan. Then add the potatoes and the snails. And finally add the boiled eggs, the codfish, sweet peppers, salt and saffron. It must be a thick stew.


Boladillos (Codfish fritters)


•    ¼ kg of codfish
•    ½ kg of flour
•    3 eggs
•    Salt
•    Garlic gloves
•    Parsley
•    Saffron
•    Olive oil
•    ½ glass of milk
•    Baking powder

Soak the codfish overnight. The following day remove the fish bones. Put the codfish into a bowl together with ½ kg of wheat flour, three eggs, salt, garlic, chopped parsley, saffron, milk and baking powder. Form a batter with all these ingredients and leave it to stand for a few minutes. Drop by the spoonful in a hot frying pan with olive oil until both sides are golden brown.  


Arroz con Conejo (Rice with rabbit)

Ingredients for six serves:

•    1 rabbit
•    2 tomatoes 
•    1 head of  garlic
•    Salt
•    ½ kilo of rice

Fry lightly the garlic. Add immediately the tomato to avoid that garlic gets burned. Then add the meat and the salt. When it is golden brown on each side pour the water. When it is almost cooked, add the rice and then chopped garlic and sprinkle with parsley and at the end the saffron. Mushrooms can be also added (in the sauté) or peas, when the meat begins to be cooked. 


Caldo de Pescao (Fish Stew)

Ingredients for six serves:

•    4 onions, preferably fresh onions
•    1 tomato
•    Pepper
•    Salt
•    Saffron
•    Parsley
•    ¾ kg fish
•    1 kg and a half potatoes

Make a sauté with fresh onion, tomato and fresh pepper cut into slices. Then, add a handful of paprika.  Add this sauté to a pan where the potatoes sliced into circles will be boiling. Add salt, saffron and parsley. 




Ingredients for six servings:

•    8 red peppers (dry)
•    1 glass of olive oil
•    8 fresh onions
•    Corn flour
•    8 fresh garlic cloves
•    Parsley
•    125 gr of homemade  longaniza 
•    1 lemon’s juice
•    1 pinch of cinnamon
•    2 tablespoons of lard
•    ½ kg of lean pork 
•    ¼ kg of pork belly

Boil the beans and the chickpeas and when they are cooked add the potatoes. Make a sauté with the onion, tomato, garlic and paprika. Chop finely the meat, the pork belly and the longaniza. Fry the peppers, remove when they are fried and mince them. Fry lightly the chopped meat, longaniza and the pork belly in the same olive oil you fried the peppers.



Ingredients for four servings:

•    250 gr of lentils
•    100gr of chorizo
•     Tomato
•    1 head of garlic
•    2 bay leaves
•    1 onion
•    ½ glass of olive oil
•    Saffron
•    Paprika
•    ½ Kilo of potatoes.

 Boil all the ingredients together and once cooked, add the potatoes. Also a sauté can be made to which you can add small cubes of meat.



Ingredients for six servings:

•    2 potatoes
•    ½ kg of beans
•    250 gr of longaniza
•    300gr of rice
•    1 green pepper
•    1 tomato
•    Garlic
•    Onion
•    Saffron
•    Salt
•    Water
•    Red peppers (dry)

Boil the beans together with the dried red peppers in a pan. Make a sauté with onion, green pepper, tomato, garlic and olive oil in a fry pan. Once the sauté is made, pour it into the pan and add salt and saffron. Fry the chopped longaniza and add it to the pan. Add also the rice and the potatoes. When the rice and the potatoes are cooked, let them stand until ready to serve.  


Migas de harina: 

Ingredients for four servings:

•    1kg of wheat flour
•    1 litre of water
•    5 garlic cloves and 5 dried red peppers
•    1/4 kg of chorizo
•    1/4 kg of pork belly
•    1/4 kg of liver
•    1/4 kg of heart
•    1/4 kg of offal
•    1/4 kg of pork loin 
•    ½ litre of olive oil
•    Salt

Heat the oil in a frying pan. When oil is hot enough, fry the peppers and then remove them from the heat. Fry the chopped meat in this fry pan and fry the garlic cloves. Remove everything from the frying pan and pour the oil into a bowl. Add a little bit of oil into the frying pan and some fried garlic cloves. Add water and salt.

Once boiling, begin to add the flour little by little until a hard batter is made. Stirring continuously while adding the oil that had been set aside before. Continue stirring until they are separate. Once cooked, put the frying pan on the table. Add the small pieces of meat and sausages (already fried) together with the green peppers.