Our culinary wealth is evidenced by the wide range of delicious dishes based on the taste of tradition, the diversity of ingredients and the preparation methods preserved in Cuevas’ cuisine.

One of our best dishes is the “ajo colorao” which has a number of special features that makes it different. The basic ingredients are fish, meat and vegetables.

Another of our culinary identities is the “olla de trigo”. Some of its ingredients are pork parts and its derivatives. Pulses are also added to create a substantial tasty dish.

The“guiso de pelotas” is a substantial meal which combines products coming from the pig slaughter and cereal.

One of our most ancient dishes is the “gurullos con conejo” (wheat dough and rabbit). The wheat dough is divided into long strips which are cut at a size of a grain of rice with fingertips. The other ingredients are: tomato, onion, green pepper, red pepper, garlic, potatoes and white beans.

Our “ensalá asá” or summer salad is often accompanied by“pescaito frito”(fried fish) which is characteristic of coastal areas.

Other typical dishes are “ajo verde”, “empedrao” or“potaje de Semana Santa”. On rainy days and in the pig slaughters there is a deeply rooted tradition of eating migas de panizo or migas de maíz (corn flour crumbs).

Another delicacy is “caldo pescao” (fish stew). But for those who prefer fried fish, grilled fish, baked fish or salt-baked fish, we have a wide range of species, such as grouper, red mullet, sea bass, gilt-head bream, John Dory, etc.

Cuevas del Almanzora has a striking wide offer of home-style cold meats and sausages, with intense flavour, such as chorizos, morcillas, longanizas, butifarras (pork sausages, black pudding,…)

The traditional, home-style desserts and pastries typical of Cuevas del Almanzora are: roscos de pascua (kind of sweet bread usually eaten at Christmas), rosquillos de anís (anise flavoured doughnuts), pastafloras (pastry filled with squash jam), palos de crema and cuernos de crema (kind of pastries with custard)  and alfajores de almendra (pastry sweet made of almond).

Going out to eat "tapas" at restaurants is another local custom. The most typical “tapas” are snails in sauce, “michirones” (dried broad bean stew), “patatas en ajo cabañil” (potatoes with garlic), boiled potatoes with “ajo blanco”, and many others.




​Source: "Platos Tradicionales de Cuevas" (Traditional Dishes of Cuevas). Municipal Adult Education Centre.